3 on 3 Basketball Tournament



2nd-3rd Grade Girls
4th Grade Girls A
4th Grade Girls B
5th Grade Girls A
5th Grade Girls B
6th Grade Girls
7th Grade Girls

2nd-3rd Grade Boys A
2nd-3rd Grade Boys B
4th Grade Boys
5th Grade Boys A
5th Grade Boys B
6th Grade Boys
7th-8th Grade Boys A
7th-8th Grade Boys B




Good Morning!

Welcome to the Everson-Nooksack Summer Festival 3 on 3 Tournament!  We really appreciate your patience, as it takes some serious organizing and planning to get the games scheduled in such a tight timeline.  We would like to remind people that it will be extremely warm this weekend so please remember to supply your players with lots of sunscreen and water!  We have included a parking map of our larger parking lots available.  We do have a lot of construction going on in our small town, so the normal parking spots might not be available.  We ask you DO NOT park on Main Street Saturday due to the parade.  We do break from 11:00am-12:30pm for our parade. There will be lots of food options in our park on both Friday and Saturday.  Our Everson Lions Club puts on a salmon and chicken dinner Friday evening as well as our other food vendors in the park.  Saturday morning there is a pancake breakfast put on by our Senior Center folks. We are extremely proud of our small community and our festival, we think it is a lot of fun and we hope to share that with you. We look forward to see you all on Friday! Please see your brackets below!  PS: if you haven’t filled out your Hold Harmless Waivers we need those before that player can play.  


Erika Van Dyken


The Everson/Nooksack Summer Festival 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament will be held at Everson City Park on Friday evening July 13 and Saturday July 14, 2018. The following information is provided to help you with registration and give you a brief understanding of the rules.


Registered teams should check in and make sure all forms have been turned before their first game at the information center by the basketball courts.


2nd-8th Grade boys and girls divisions based on grade student will be in during 2018-2019 school year.


Games may be postponed, moved, or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. If cancelled, refunds will be prorated depending on the costs incurred by the tournament.


Team entry fee is $60 dollars and must accompany the registration form and hold harmless agreement form. Make checks payable to NGYS. The entry form must be legible and completely filled out including team name. If there is no team name, one will be assigned. Players submitting inaccurate information may face disqualification from the Everson/Nooksack 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Team captains are responsible for all information submitted.


Registration deadline is Saturday July 3rd or when we reach maximum capacity - Whichever comes first.

Please CLICK to download, print and fill in the following forms:

Informational Flyer 

Game Rules

Hold Harmless Waiver

Registration Form


Registration Forms can be dropped off at Nooksack Valley Drug Store or mailed to:
Nooksack Valley Drug
c/o 3 on 3 Basketball
208 E Main St
Everson, WA 98247

For Questions Please Contact:

Erika VanDyken
Ph. 360-815-5368 



Each team will select the division they wish to play in. Each division has been broken down by gender and grade. Proof of age or grade may be requested. Each division has a minimum and maximum number of teams allowed. If there are not enough teams in a division, teams will be moved to the most appropriate division.


Teams are allowed a minimum of three and a maximum of four players. All games must begin with three players on each team. Any number of players (1, 2 or 3) may complete a game. Substitutions must be made during dead ball situations.


Games are played to 20 points or 20 minute limit, whichever comes first. There will be a 20 minute running clock except for the last minute of the game. (In last minute clock will start when ball is touched by someone other than the person checking the ball and their defender.)


Each basket or free throw is worth one point, and a shot behind the three point line is worth 2 points. Each team is allowed one (1) minute time out per game. After each basket the ball will be checked behind the 3 point line and must be passed in to start play. On defensive rebounds teams must clear the ball back behind the top of the key. No pressuring.


Every foul will result in a single free throw with the opposing team receiving possession after the shot. Fouls on shots behind the three point line will result in two free throws.


Unsportsmanship behavior will not be tolerated (complaining about calls, profanity, fighting, and rough play). This may result in anything from technical fouls, ejections, forfeiture, or dismissal from the tournament without reimbursement. Court monitors will referee all games and their decisions are final! Rock, paper, scissors will determine who starts with the ball. Jump ball possession will alternate based on who started with the ball.


Overtimes will be decided in a Free Throw shoot off.

3 on 3 Game Rules are subject to change