Good to go Meat Pies

Address: 128 W Main St Everson WA 98247
Telephone: (360) 966-2400
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-6:00pm
Contact Name: Holly Bevan-Bumford
Contact Email:
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Good to go Meat Pies is a specialty bakery that focuses on fresh old-style meat pies that are baked daily from scratch and can be purchased hot, chilled, or frozen. Locally sourced ingredients are used as the seasons allow. You can dine in or take it to go! Good to go Meat Pies is owned and operated by Holly and Bo Bumford. Their outstanding crew of employees provide great food in a warm, friendly atmosphere.


Washington's Original Pastry Co. honors the tradition of the Cornish Pastry. Our homemade pastries are made from scratch in the heart of Whatcom County's organic farmland. Working with our local sustainable farming community and food co-op, we take pride in using organic potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and rutabagas year round. Our meats are sourced both local and regional with a focus on being natural, humanely raied without the use of antibiotics. We offer Veggie and Vegan Pastries too.

Stop in and see why Good to Go Meat Pies has become a destination place!