Inn at Lynden

Address: 100 5th Street Lynden WA 98264
Telephone: 360 746 8597
Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Contact Name: Teri Treat
Contact Email:


The Inn at Lynden is a brand new hotel with an intimate meeting and event facility located in the century year old Waples Mercantile Building. Guests of the Inn at Lynden are treated to an entirely modern and comfortable room, in an authentic historic setting, surrounded by unique shopping and dining opportunities in Downtown Lynden. The building houses an historic 35-room boutique hotel and shares space with five other distinctive independant merchants featuring a bookstore, cafe, womens’ designer clothing, specialty baby wear, and a tap house featuring locally made brews.



The building was resurrected from a devastating fire in 2008 and has been completely renovated and repurposed. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and showcases many of the design elements from the time of its original construction.