Samson Farms LLC

Address: 1861 Van Dyk Rd. Everson WA 98247
Telephone: (360) 966-7787
Fax: (360) 966-4526
Contact Name: Rob Dhaliwal
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Samson Farms is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Nooksack River Valley of Washington State where the climate is optimum for growing some of the finest raspberries and blueberries in the world. We are a family owned farming operation that prides itself on using the most recent production and technological research in order for us to yield fruits of the highest quality while limiting our impact on the environment. Having complete control of our product from planting harvesting processing ensures our customers that the berries they are receiving are the highest quality.


Sam Dhaliwal immigrated from the great state of Punjab, India, where some of the fertile soils in the world are, to Vancouver, BC, Canada where he first stepped foot on March 21, 1973. Growing berries was the furthest thing from his mind, although farming was in his blood. Sam purchased his first 10 acres in 1977 in Abbotsford, BC and planted raspberries which laid the foundation for where we are today. Over the next 10 years Sam experimented with several other crops (brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries) but it seemed raspberries is what he enjoyed most. During the same period, land us issues in the ever-growing Fraser Valley, resulted in Sam selling his land and deciding to move his operation to Washington State. Sam planted his first 35 acres of Raspberries in Washington in the spring of 1987 and year after year continued to acquire more acreage and plant more raspberries, as well as, blueberries. In 2004 a fruit processing facility was added to the operation and at this time, here at Samson Farms, we have 225 acres of raspberries, and 80 acres of blueberries in full production.