Bell Creek Nature School

Address: 5656 Mosquito Lake Rd., Deming WA 98244
Telephone: 360 340 9302
Hours of Operation: Tue-Thur: 9-1
Contact Name: Julie deWolfe or Tyler Burtchell
Contact Email:


Bell Creek Nature School believes in the value of nature-based learning. We combine academic lessons with nature immersion, play, exploration, and social interaction.


This nature- and interest-led approach has been developed from a decade of teaching experience. After experiencing the traditional, indoor approach to preschool education, our founder and lead teacher, Julie, took it upon herself to develop a new approach. Borrowing from the centuries-old European tradition of outdoor schooling, Julie founded a wildly successful nature school in Utah. We’re now very excited to expand this approach at our new home in Deming, WA!